Glamour Girl Priyoti in a Hot Bikini Reminds Us Why Summer is the Best Time to Hit the Beach

What’s a better time to watch the moist sand gleam against the ray of the sun and get washed away by the waves? Here are 3 reasons to lie down by the shore this summer:

The beach resembles peace and serenity, no doubt! And summer is perhaps the very time when one seeks a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The view of the endless sand, transitioning into the water and later colliding seamlessly with the horizon are what your tiring eyes need this season. Pack your beach wear and boom the ticket just like our favourite girl Priyoti did with elan.

Stay well
Studies have shown that the beach, among other waterfront recreations, provide restorative benefits to your health. The sun rays benefit the body supplying it with sufficient amount of vitamin D due to the direct exposure. Summer is a good time to hit the beach and get someone that vitamin to help build strong bones for it assists in calcium absorption. Moreover, walking barefoot on the sand stimulates the nerves and sweat glands in your feet.

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Capture moments
The sunlight manipulates the perfect lighting and exposure for capturing photos. The beach looks full and blue in summer and the sand adds a hue of shimmery colour to the scenario. These makes for the perfect selfies for your facebook profile.

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