9 T-shirts That Speak Your Mind

By Ali Sakhi Khan
If you’re looking for fun whimsical t-shirts that speak your mind, pick your favourite ones from some of our deshi online stores.

Can we take a moment to appreciate how adorable Donald Duck looks in glasses? Available at Kiksha

If you tend to squeal at the mention of GoT, look no further! All Heil King of the North! Available at Daraz

Growing up Cartoon Network was one of our favourite channels and this t-shirt reminds us of the good ol’ days. Available at 90’s Crew

Beat the heat with this bright yellow t-shirt displaying some fun and quirk. Available at Kiksha

The t-shirt every Batman fan should have in his/her closet. Available at The Apparel

Backpacking to the mountains? This t-shirt will be your best friend on your journey. Available at Audree

So what if you come fourth every season? Own your identity, regardless of what comes your way. Available at Bagdoom

If pizza isn’t the love of your life, are you even human? Available at Tee-up

For the gossip girl fans, this t-shirt is the one size that fits all. Available at Jhakanaka Project