3 Things We Learn From Hrithik’s ‘Keep Going’ Video

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is doing what he does best, inspiring people to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong. Hrithik has tied up with Myntra’s brand HRX, to start yet another campaign ‘Keep Going’. In just 7 days the video has been watched by 2.6 million people in youtube. Here’s what made the video so special!
  • Hard work: Success doesn’t come overnight. We have to be focused, be patient, put in extra effort and need to challenge ourselves to up our game. There’s no shortcut for achieving success; even when we do get away with it, that success isn’t here for the long haul.
  • Breaking point: We don’t know our limit until we push ourselves to them. Whenever we think that we reached our limit, we need to rise up and get cracking. We need to move every single step at a time or hold our ground so that we can give a final push before losing hope.
  • Life coach: We need a mentor in our life to guide us, motivate us to move forward, lift our spirits when we’re down and out, and inspire us to never back down. Just close your eyes while watching the video and listen to Hrithik carefully. We can bet his words will motivate you to put your strength to the test!
See the full video here:
Momin H Ron

Momin H Ron is a wellness consultant and can be reached at ronius@gmail.com