Marion Cotillard got a “lip job” and the Internet is not happy about it

Photo: Google

Fuller lips have been iconic since the reign of Angelina Jolie in Hollywood. Luckily for her, she never had to go under the knife to get this unique little feature; to quote Lady Gaga, she was in fact, ‘Born this Way’. Recently, French actress Marion Cotillard has taken a shine on lip injections. But before fans could scoff, they’d be relieved to know that Marion’s little enhancement is a temporary change for her new film, Rock’n Roll. But if you’re keen on getting your lips done, here’s what you need to know


  1. Type of filler

The filler your doctor chooses for you determines the longevity and outcome of your enhancement. Temporary fillers with hyaluronic acid (HA) are a popular choice. It produces more HA when injected around the lips; this in turn allows the lips to remain fuller naturally.

  1. Pain

Plastic surgery and pain go hand in hand. You can expect some bleeding or bruising, but it will certainly fade within a few days. Consult your doctor for medication in order to lessen the pain.

  1. Return to Natural State

Fillers that last up to six months need a touch up. This is a plus point for patients as the injection is not permanent. At any point if you want to stop your treatment it won’t alter your features; rather, your lips will slowly come back to your natural state.