M360’s ‘Fittest Model Contest’ started with a bang

Here’s why M360’s fitness contest ‘Fittest Model of the Town’ was an instant hit among leading models of Bangladesh

Photograph by Kazi Mukul

A first of its kind fitness competition, ICE Today and M360 organized the ‘Fittest Model of the Town’ contest, where leading models of the country participated to put their fitness to test. Their fitness and stamina levels were tested based on the FBI fitness test criteria. They took part in activities like pushups, running and sit ups – each done for one minute each. Furthermore, a part of the tests required them to scan their bodies through the M360 fit 3D test which evaluated their body shape and fat percentage and the other criteria was based on the number of reps per exercise during the contest. The contest took place at Banani Club Field. Receiving 50,000 taka, Indrani and Razz were the lucky winners who surpassed the rest of the participants and came out victorious.