Experiences of a Flavourful Journey with The Dosa Express

Nahid Tabassum takes The Dosa Express and experiences a flavourful journey

Mahdin Tariq, the proprietor and a foodie himself commenced his journey with Indian food and opened the eatery for his mother who loves Indian cuisine. His affection for gastronomy reflects in the homely ambiance and the delicious food.

Raj Kachori
Tk 135

The big bomb is served on the plate with flavours ready to explode. The treat to the eye is equally satisfying in every gulp. The perfectly balanced spices with sweet and sour curd are a match made in heaven. The assorted filling combines the goodness of the ingredients. It’s garnished with tamarind chutney, chat masala and pudina chutney that blends beautifully in every bite.

Dahi Puchka
Tk 125

It is plate of all good things in small gulps. Stuffed with moistly cooked chickpea and potatoes and topped with tamarind chutney, chat masala, pudina chutney and curd, the dish is an instant hit. The equilibrium of sweet and sour is the heart of the dish. The sight makes your mouth water and each bite makes your heart melt.

Mix Vegetable Uttapam

The colourful South-Indian pancake is a healthy addition to your menu. The thick batter is topped with fresh chopped carrot, long beans and green chilli. The delight is served with light sambar and thick coconut chutney that meshes well with the dish and takes you on a rollercoaster ride of South-Indian flavours.

Cheese Masala Dosa

The Cheese Dosa is generously showered with grated Indian Cheese on both sides and served with a sambar curry and sweet coconut chutney. The flavours on each ingredient of the dish bears a pleasant relish. It lifts up the dosa experience a notch higher with its extra cheesiness making this a much loved option from the menu.

Masala Dosa

The journey takes a crisp and crepe turn with the Masala Dosa on board. The enormous dosa is plated with a light sambar and sweet coconut chutney. The thick coconut chutney mingles with green chilli to dish up a distinct flavour. The savoury stuffing is sealed with a crispy rolled shell that plates up a bona fide Indian dosa.


Steaming fresh from the express, the savoury cake is served with sambar, garlic and coconut chutney. The moist soft cakes fade away in your mouth leaving a mild taste. The garlic chutney is a delightful addition that has the tangy combination of garlic, onion and red chillies. Dip it into the bowl to experience a different flavour in each bite.