Three ways to commute with ease in the hustle and bustle of Dhaka City

Irfan Aziz introduces three services that will help you take on and beat Dhaka City’s traffic. Gone are the days where we could spend hours at home even on a workday. We now live in an era of social butterflies and workaholics, always on the run. Given the traffic congestion in Dhaka city, being on the run can be hard at times. Who are we kidding? Being on the run is hard all the time. It can be challenging to reach your destination on time. CNGs and buses help but they come with long queues and drivers unwilling to go at reasonable rates. But technology being the saving grace has brought to us three services that make commuting through the busy streets of Dhaka a breeze. Here are three services that has made our lives easier!


The name needs no introduction. Taking over the world by storm, the ever popular international app, Uber is now operating in Bangladesh. Imagine if you needed to go somewhere urgently and there are no taxis or CNG’s in sight and the bus stand is too far away. If this happened three months ago, you would have been in real trouble but now you can just take out your phone and with a couple of clicks, a ride will be waiting at your doorstep. Trust us when we say that Uber has changed carpooling for better and for always. It’s a cost-effective way to get around town. They are also very prompt and will arrive in a matter of minutes. “It is a very good deal. You get an air conditioned car at the same price of a CNG and there is no unnecessary bargaining. Mobile routing is very accurate and quick as well,” says Sanan Ahmed, Uber user.


Now that we have mentioned a world renowned service, let us give you an insight on how local entrepreneurs are keeping up with the world starting with AmarBike. Brought to you by 3bit Tech Ltd, their aim is to make Dhaka city’s traffic more bearable. Currently in their beta stage, Shafeen Chowdhury, Managing Director of 3bit Tech, explained to us what his team is trying to achieve and how they plan on doing it. What makes Amaramar-bike-02Bike safe is that all of their vehicles can be tracked. Plus, if they see that any vehicle is in danger, they have the ability to shut it off immediately. “I loved it, the rider drove safely and did not try to pull any stunts. It was cheap and I reached Bijoynagar from Gulshan in about 20 minutes,” said Syeda Nabila Mahabub.


Initially starting off as a delivery service, Pathao RIDES is the newest venture of Pathao, one of the most tech-savvy delivery services in Dhaka City. Their aim is to enable people to travel around Dhaka without paying a hefty price. They believe that there is no better way to beat the traffic of Dhaka than to travel in motorcycles and they do everything possible to ensure the best quality services. Safety and security are their top priority and much like their aforementioned counterparts they keep track of their vehicles via GPS so that their engineering team can step should any difficulties arise. “We just started and all we want to say is that we sure have a lot of exciting plans for our customers in the future”, comments Ashique Shams, Pathao.
At the moment, they are offering free rides to anyone who downloads the app so if you want to take on Dhaka City and her traffic; you should definitely give them a try.