Relish the array of delectable meals at Prego, The Westin Dhaka

Ashfaque Zaman savours the new delicacies at Prego

Photographs By Kazi Mukul

As you look over the balcony of Prego, there is a view like no other. Located at the top floor of The Westin Dhaka, the restaurant not only offers a splendid view of the skyline in the heart of the city; the taste of their new bistro menu will take your meal experience to new heights. Prego has taken some of their classic dishes and put their unique spin on the items.

prego-01Caffeine Fix
If you are anything like the millions of people around the world, then you will certainly agree that there is nothing better than a morning caffeine fix. The innovative minds at Prego have taken everyone’s morning go-to beverage and incorporated it into their delicious Coffee Crusted Grilled Lamb Chops. The robust and slightly bitter taste of the crust and coffee bean sauce provide the ideal balance against the tender lamb chops. And to top the meal off, there is a side of fluffy mash and crisp veggies.

prego-02Special Two in One Burger
You’ll be thinking you’re seeing double as you feast your sights upon the Special Two in One Burger. Between two succulent pink patties lies gooey soft cheddar and crisp lettuce which is placed between freshly toasted house buns. The aesthetics of these burgers are heightened with crisp wedges, hiding a fluffy potato inside and tangy slaw.

prego-03The Seafood Cakes
With such meaty meals, a taste of the ocean is absolutely called for. The Seafood Cakes takes the prime catches of the sea and brings them to your plate. An assortment of marine treasures, which include white fish, prawn and mussel, the delectable cakes are placed picante salsa verde. The lobster Dijon mustard and the bite of fries make this a sea-worthy experience.

prego-04The Cobb Salad
This is a medley of colours that catches the eye; upon a bed of dark leafy greens rest pink smoky seared turkey bacon, ruby red cherry tomatoes, tangy purple onions, sharp white cheddar and goat cheese, and creamy yellow-green avocados.

prego-05Perfectly Peared
Concluding a memorable meal would have to include a dessert that has the many sweet notes of fruits, chocolate and much more. With the Black Sesame Pear Cake, Prego manifests all of these notes into a sweet harmony. The moist cake is a mixture of milk chocolate, ripe bears and earthy sesame is placed on raspberry sauce, assorted fruits, and slivers of almonds. This lusciously rich cake is complemented with the house churned sesame ice cream and crumbly meringue. The merengue, silky ice cream and the opulent cake create a utopia of texture for your palette.

prego-06Ruby Red & Ribs
Nothing is quite as refreshing as a dewy watermelon. Add some fall-off the bone ribs and you’ve got a BBQ on a plate. Prego turns the sensation of the grill into a gourmet episode. The watermelon reduction brings a sugary note to the spicy ribs. The addition of the carrot and beetroot puree counteracts the definitive flavors of the major elements of the dish.