ICE Today picks out the best burgers in town for you to drool over

By Natasha Rahman & Rubab Nayeem Khan

Burgers come and burgers go, but some just linger on, till you meet them again. After making rounds around the city, ICE picks out a few top tier burgers in town. Dig in!


bits-and-bites-03Madame Lucy
Set your heart and hunger on Madchef’s Madame Lucy; rest assured that this burger will do justice to your taste buds. When you’ve got a moist beef patty, cradled between fresh buns and smothered in sausage gravy, it goes without saying that you have yourself a meal made in heaven that will appease your hunger pangs.

bits-and-bites-03Cheesorama (with extra cheese, bacon and jalapeno)
This one is a pleasant surprise in every bite. The cheese patty is lovingly wrapped in a party of condiments- supple button mushrooms, tangy jalapenos, chewy bacon, and melted cheese. The sauce establishes a nice balance between sweet and tangy. What really stands out about the Cheeseorama is its ability to satiate all your burger desires without being overwhelming to the stomach.

bits-and-bites-04Quarter Pounder (Beef)
If you’ve been meaning to sink your teeth into a mighty meaty burger, Preetom’s the place to be! The beef Quarter Pounder is generously made with cheese, pickles and drizzled with Preetom’s special sauce. Every bite is packed with intense flavours of cheese, sauce and pickles, which makes this colossal burger, sinfully good. Throw in some fries and you’ve got everything you need to satisfy that voracious appetite.

bits-and-bites-06Mushroom Caramel
Buttery caramelised onions, sautéed button mushrooms and Takeout’s signature chilli garlic mayo and that’s just the cherry on top. Stacked between two fluffy buns, the patty is a winner on its own. Biting through the moist and rich-flavoured patty, along with the gooey cheese and crisp bacon, send your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride. The caramelized onions provide a sweet relief while the zing of the chilli garlic mayo takes this beast to another level of deliciousness.