Foodpanda celebrates its 3rd Anniversary

As the saying goes happiness only multiplies when shared and Foodpanda Bangladesh is all about sharing and caring. The food delivery company completes 3 years of successful business. On December 2016, Foodpanda celebrated its 3rd anniversary.

Zubair Siddiky, co-founder and managing director of Foodpanda Bangladesh

The Foodpanda app is the ultimate solution for foodies. To order food online, consumers need to log in to the portal using the app or through to select their local area, preferred restaurant, and then proceed to checkout with their selected items. “Customers can post their opinions, about the food they get delivered, on our website. Restaurants can then take these reviews into consideration for better service. We provide restaurants with metrics about the most and least popular items on their menu. It is a very competitive ecosystem now, and these data shall help them stay on top of their game,” comments Zubair Siddiky, co-founder and managing director of Foodpanda Bangladesh.

Ambareen Reza, co-founder of Foodpanda, Bangladesh

With more than 300k app downloads and 100% revenue growth year after year, foodpanda has introduced a separate platform exclusively for corporate users. Soon it will launch its corporate product with its first client this year. Looking ahead to the future, Ambareen Reza, another co-founder says, “We aim to further invest in technology to continuously improve its delivery operations, restaurant operations and the overall customer experience. Furthermore, we wish to establish market leadership in food delivery in Bangladesh.”

To express the gratitude to its loyal customer base Foodpanda Bangladesh has run a special campaign for its customers. “We have recently partnered with Bangkok Airways for an Air Ticket Giveaway campaign! Customers placing the highest number of orders on foodpanda, during the period of December 2016 to February 2017 can win a couple’s return ticket to Bangkok, each month of the campaign. We already have the winner for the month of December. We want our customers to feel special,” smiles Zubair.

Foodpanda currently employs more than 200 highly motivated and dedicated employees who are constantly striving to offer the best food delivery experience for its users. Besides Dhaka, soon after, its operations expanded to Chittagong and Sylhet, with more than 700+ vendors on its portal. “In the past three years, Foodpanda has generated over Tk 500 million additional revenue for partnered restaurants and currently completes 1.5 orders/minute during its operation hours,” said Zubair. He also mentioned that Foodpanda is also one of those very first e-commerce companies in the country to be self-sustainable with such a large volume in Bangladesh’s history. This has helped them to further cement its place amongst the largest e-commerce players in the country.