A guide to some of the top tier sushis in town

Ashfaque Zaman puts the chopsticks on the staple sushi items of the city.

Photographs By Kazi Mukul 

Evolution is omnipresent throughout history. Therefore, it is no surprise that what had started as an ancient way to ferment fish to preserve it has become one of the most delectable cuisines in the world. Today, sushi is nothing short of an art form; it has crossed the unique East Asian Island and made waves throughout the world. As natural fish lovers, Dhaka city has taken on the world’s love for sushi. With the option of traditional Edo techniques to fusion rolls with cheese, the options to tantalise your taste bud are countless.

Tuna Sashimi (Izumi): 

Tuna Sashimi (Izumi)

Chef’s Special Sushi (Izumi):

Chef’s Special Sushi (Izumi)

Umai Hot & Spicy Tuna Roll (Umai):

Umai Hot & Spicy Tuna Roll (Umai)

Kiyoshi Mixed Sashimi (Kiyoshi):

Kiyoshi Mixed Sashimi (Kiyoshi)

Carpaccio (Izumi): 


Avocado Shrimp Roll (Tokyo Express):

Avocado Shrimp Roll

Eel Sushi (Umai): 


Spicy Salmon Temaki (Tokyo Express): 

Spicy Salmon Temaki (Tokyo Express)