Bidding Farewell to Fine Lines

Much like the human body, skin cells also have an expiry date. Being deprived of proper nutrition or due to aging, your skin no longer produces new, healthy cells and consequently, your skin begins to wrinkle and look older. Fortunately, researchers have developed a formula that combines polysaccharide with peptide, which works like botox. This safe alternative for botulinum toxin, Beauty Bounce, contains nutrients from plants, which have been used for thousands of year.

Be it age, tension or a mere malnourished skin condition, waking up with eye bags and wrinkles can be stressful on its own. The extracts in the Beauty Bounce helps make your eyes look youthful, that too in a few minutes. In order to get started, you will first need to get the product from Banglashoppers, which is available at Tk 1,950 only. Once you have added the product to your beauty bag, squeeze out a tad bit of the product on the tip of your index finger and dab it under your eyes. This miraculous age rewinding cream will last up to 8 hours with a single application.

Five years of research and development has given us an instant solution to wrinkles and fine lines. Continuous use of the product will enable skin to be more elastic and reverse the aging of fibroblasts.

Let’s talk about the packaging now. The product is portable and comes in a small tube. You can pop it in your purse, your makeup kit or even in your pocket to use it on the go. Beauty Bounce is a miracle in anti-aging technology and a great alternative to botox, which tends to have its side effects. Beauty Bounce is a natural formula that works for
your skin.