The Art of Makisu

The maki is drizzled with the freshly prepared teriyaki sauce and hot mayo. These add a depth to the dish without overpowering it.

The Art of Makisu

Upon entering Kiyoshi, the Japanese elements of Zen transcend throughout the area. The greenery and the water feature of the garden with the wooden earthy interior provide for a journey to the flavours and ambience that is truly blissful.
We start our walk in the park with the Pink Sakura. The maki rolls infuse the flavours of crab, the fluffiness of the eggs and the crunch of fresh carrots for the bite. The contrast of textures and taste is taken a step further with the burner flamed pieces of tuna adding a smoky element; for a final touch, spring onions and a salad is garnished on top. The maki is drizzled with freshly prepared teriyaki sauce and hot mayo. These add a depth to the dish without overpowering it.
Following the delicate pink of the tuna, we divulge into the crimson of the Streaks of Red. This is a maki for those who do not like to experiment with the raw simplicity that is synonymous with sushi. The freshness of the cucumber and grainy bite of the tobaki is a welcoming constitute against the juicy crab.
Beyond the savoury and sweet delights, Kiyoshi encompasses an experience that offers the tranquillity of Japan down to the t. The wooden interiors along the earthy greys of the stone floors are reminiscent of a Japanese sushi house. You can sit in one of the many Japanese style tables that allow you to lift your feet for comfort or have it hang low after a long day.

A sight for sore eyes
The hibachi chef puts on a show that simply cannot be missed. The culinary genius behind the fusion rolls and signature teriyaki is also a master of knives and skillets. While whipping up the tender morsels of chicken teriyaki, he presents many tricks and techniques that are just as vibrant as the dish he skilfully cooks. The teriyaki sauce is the chef’s secret recipe and he generously douses each succulent piece of chicken and tops it with nutty flavour of sesame seeds. The dish is completed with a crisp fried medley of vegetables that include crunchy baby corns and soft mushrooms.

A sight for sore eyes
A Sight for Sore Eyes

Tea for two
The Ocha is a highly renowned tea ceremony in which the Japanese prepare green tea or matcha in a perfectionist manner, demonstrating their respect and welcoming nature towards guests. Kiyoshi has mastered this art with their take of the ‘matcha’ Green Tea ice cream. It is a modern approach combining the traditional strong and nutty green tea with the pure essence of vanilla. The most notable part of this dessert is that it isn’t too sugary; thus it ends any meal on a sweet note.

Order worth an ovation
The Ebi Meets Sake is the assembly of your tastebuds encountering the heavens. The fusion roll takes classic and contemporary elements to create a maki that has it all. The insides are stuffed with the crunchy fried prawn tempura while the outside is treated gently by placing a tender piece of salmon that is craftily flamed by the chef’s expert hands. We highly recommend trying this maki roll with the hot mayo.

A satiating sip
The Coconut Freeze is everything a milkshake should be; it offers the creaminess of a milkshake with the freshness that is reminiscent of any tropical getaway. It is a mix of special coconut ice cream, along with a generous helping of grated coconut that ultimately allows for a most decadent beverage. The milkshake blends perfectly with all the strong flavours of sushi.

The art of Makisu
1. Ebi Meets Sake 2. Satiating Sip 3. Tea for Two