All the tricks you men need to become fashion-savvy!

Irfan Aziz brings some wardrobe tips and tricks for fashion savvy men

Know what size suits you

You must always wear clothes that fit you well. Don’t wear a size 15.5 shirt when you should be wearing a size 14 and the same goes for your trousers. If you can’t find your size at the store, you can always alter it later. Wearing the wrong size not only makes you look unappealing but also makes you look disorganised.


The right fit
Basically, there are five types of jeans: skinny, slim, regular, relaxed and loose. You need to know which ones look best on you. Now, there are people who are blessed with body proportions that allow them to rock all three types but for others, it is a bit different.
Moreover, it is wise to avoid loose jeans at all cost since it isn’t 1998 anymore. Stay away from jeans which have ripping or bleaching. Currently, slim fit is trending and is also a safe choice for most body types.


Chinos, also known as ‘gabardine pants’ in the local market, are a great item to add to your wardrobe. You can wear them to work and also to your friend’s barbecue party.


Pay attention to footwear
A man must own a pair of the following shoes: loafers, oxfords and casual sneakers. Loafers offer the most utility among these pairs and can be worn casually, formally and also with panjabis.

Time to let go
Boys, it is time to get rid of that System of a Down t-shirt that you have been holding on to for the last decade. Bring out your dress shirts and polo tees. However, if you feel more comfortable in t-shirts, it’s best to wear solid colours.



Groom yourselves
Get a haircut every month. Keep it short and neat. The undercut is a very popular look these days but if you don’t like it, we suggest you go for a fade or a taper fade look. If you have a beard, trim it regularly and make sure that it doesn’t get patchy. Use products like hair wax and beard wax if you want to avoid frizz.

Accessorise yourself
Save the bling for your wedding and go for subtle accessories. Leather bracelet alongside a sophisticated wrist watch should do the trick.


Play to your strengths
If you do not look good in skinny jeans, avoid them no matter how much they are in style. If you cannot grow a beard properly, then don’t. It is true that a beard makes men look better but there are loads of guys who look equally impressive without one. When it comes to trends, steer clear of peer pressure and go with what looks best on you.