Tantalising Treats

Photographs by Kazi Ahnaf Aquib

While on our way to the restaurant, picking the right dish to satisfy our stomachs sometimes proves to be a predicament. Should we go the healthy route and have fish or indulge in red meat? Fortunately Coentro resolves this dilemma by allowing you to have it all. Coentro has introduced the Spaniard idea of tapas, small portions of your favourite dishes. Last month they introduced their tapas with an all- you-can-eat-festival, and these bite size meals will be featured on their menu, satisfying anyone’s enormous craving.
Potatoes Bravas You cant have enough of potatoes! This is a fulfilling serving of fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce, cheese sauce and pico de gallo.
Rib Eye Parella Tender pieces of rib eye steak with a garlic butter mash. For a meaty surprise, cut into this and let the juices overflow onto the mash. The smooth texture of the mash balances out the flavours of the rib eye.
Pollo Relleno On a lighter note, let this dish prepare you for a bigger meal. Juicy white chicken stuffed with feta and spinach is topped with cheese sauce on a bed of fluffy mash. The more cheese, the better!
Beef Sirloin A classic dish for the meat lovers, this wont disappoint you.
Perfectly cooked strips of beef sirloin with a side of house salad and you are sold.
Lamb Chops Although tricky to prepare, Coentro excels in their lamb chops. Accompanied with the flawless compliment of a yoghurt based mint sauce and you will be tempted not to just dig in with your bare hands.
Seafood Paella If you want everything in one exciting bowl, pick this one. Aromatic, flavourful rice with white fish, prawns, clams and squid and you will be in a seafood frenzy like no other.
Each tapas is true to the complex and unique flavours of the Mediterranean. Coentro also stays true to the flavours of their signature fruity margaritas, which are made from fruit purees that are nothing short of biting into the fresh fruit.

Areeb Tower, 48 Progoti Sarani
Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh