Catalysts of Culture

Agora in Greek means ‘open place of assembly.’ Early in the history of Greece, agora was a designated area in the city where free-born citizens could gather to hear civic announcements, muster for military campaigns or discuss politics. These discourses educated them. Art, music and dance is ingrained in our rich heritage. While we focus on some aspects such as food, clothing and celebrations as being a part of society’s heritage; we forget that there’s more to our legacy than just that. The diversity of languages, customs and history that we share as a nation are instrumental parts of our history. With the youth being brought under one umbrella, platforms like Shadhona Cultural Centre, Goethe Institut of Bangladesh and EMK Centre offers a plethora of options to the youth and beyond to strengthen this solidarity of our culture. They are the modern agoras of our city. The mingling of our traditions with those of another’s is fundamental in enriching our cultural values. Let’s find out how these catalysts are important to the never ending reaction which shapes a country’s social sphere

Through The Cultural Kaleidoscope

Changing The Game

Best of Both Words