Paper, Glue, Scissors!

On your way to stardom

Time Out-02

Messed up hands, glues galore and fragments of paper; the two day Paper Maché Sculpting Workshop at Banani’s Longitude-Latitude 6 by artist Alia Kamal brought out the nostalgic feeling of childhood in the participants while the young partakers experienced a fun way to convey their creative expressions. The artist, a strong supporter of recycling has an outstanding reputation for being spontaneous and creating magnificent art-forms with cast-off materials.

Time Out-03

If you are looking to groom yourself in modelling acting and dancing, Lina’s Grooming Studio will surely draw your attention. Fashion photographer Sakib Muhtasim and Lina Khan model and choreographer have launched Lina’s grooming studio on 16th October. Aspiring actors and models will be instructed by senior models and actors along with other facilities. Portfolios and videos will be handed to the students as a part of their curriculum. Apart from acting and modelling, students will also be given lessons in dance as well. The studio has partnered up with gyms, swimming clubs, clothing outlets who have agreed to provide special discounts up to 50% for the students. For admissions, it’s Tk 15,000 in total which can be given in three instalments.
Aspiring to maintain international standards in their services and providing people with a safe and nurturing environment, Lina’s Grooming Studio aims to give a platform via which aspiring actors and models can groom themselves to become media personalities.

House no 300/b, Road no 14,
Block A, Bashundhara