Ice Ice Baby!

Fatima Faheem tries out the booming ritual of skin icing for fresh dewy skin all summer

Summer is awesome as it grants us the opportunity to go outdoors and enjoy the things we love. However, summer sun comes with a cost and it’s your skin that ends up paying. Sun damage can lead to wrinkles, marks, dry skin, premature aging and even skin cancer over time. The sweltering season requires careful attention for your skin even as you enjoy the weather.

There are dozens of sunscreens and moisturisers that are used according to skin type. But one thing that all types of skin would love is ICE! Adding two or three ice cubes to your juice, syrup or even water cools your entire system. Now, imagine how cool you’d feel if you applied ice externally?
Good news! Ice cubes have notable benefits for your skin. Including ice cubes to your daily beauty regimen is actually a good idea. Do you wonder how?

• If you are in a hurry and don’t have time for makeup, don’t panic. Rub one or two ice cubes on your face. Ice cubes have the ability to swiftly give your face a dewy and fresh look without applying makeup.

• Stroking ice on the face on a daily basis improves blood circulation giving your face a healthy glow.

• Got oily skin? Ice cubes minimise the production of excess oil. Tie up two ice cubes in a soft cloth and massage gently on your face till they melt.

• Got acne? Well, ice cubes work on acne too! Just place these coolers over the zits and you’ll be surprised with the considerable reduction in swelling and redness.

• The scorching heat may cause rashes if the skin is exposed to the sun for a long period of time. The best way to treat this is with ice cubes. Don’t use them directly on your face, instead wrap them up in a soft cotton cloth or a zip-lock plastic bag and press it gently against the affected area. It will give you a chilly sensation and soothe the heat on your skin

• Dark circles are a hassle. We often wake up and regret working late, watching movies because of the ugly patches all over our lower eyelids. Placing cucumber slices over your eyes do help but it’s not always effective. For efficient results, mix cucumber juice with boiled rose water and freeze this mixture. Then place the solid form of the mixture on your dark circles. It will help in reducing dark circles and also decrease puffiness.
Don’t forget to cool the rose water before putting it in freezer.

Even Farzana Shakil encourages the use of ice cubes. “Skin icing helps tighten and shrink enlarged pores by helping to unclog large pores. The skin is bound to get dehydrated in the hot weather and it cannot be hydrated by water intake since you’re fasting.”
The solution is to rub ice cubes tied up in a cotton cloth over your stretched skin which feels uncomfortable. Your skin will feel refreshed and moisturised.
Farzana Shakil quotes that sensitive skin suffers the most. Exposure to the heat for long hours can cause it to excavate or cause acne. Using ice is an efficient way to cool the hot skin.
Cold water can also be splashed, right? Why bother making and dealing with ice cubes! But it has been observed that liquid ice fails to cool the skin as effectively as crushed ice in a piece of cloth. Ice facial and cold therapies are widely used to obtain smooth and flawless skin.

Do-s and Don’t-s

  • Don’t use more than two ice cubes. Excessive use may lead to skin problems that can worsen your situation.
  • Don’t apply ice cubes on your face directly. It can cause the delicate capillaries under the skin to break. Hence it is advisable to use ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth.
  • Try something interesting! Instead of the normal ice cubes, why don’t you pour fruit juice in your ice tray and let it freeze. Once it turns into cubes, rub them on your face to get the goodness of fruits. It also gives you a radiant complexion.