Let Loose

Fatima Faheem scoops out the best spa treatments at Que Bella 

Photos: Ashraf Uddin Apu

With Ramadan around the corner, the workload starts mounting up.  To all the women who work so hard – you need a break. Not a coffee break but a spa treatment.

Que Bella offers a range of spa treatments that many women might not be aware of. They treat everything from allergies to back pain, headaches to insomnia. Among the diverse spa treatments, there are hair treatments, full body massage, eye spa as well as dark lips spa. Farhana Haque, Manager of Que Bella, Dhanmondi branch dishes out the top three spa treatments.

Manicure & Pedicure
Tk 800-1400

It’s our hands and feet that bear the brunt of strenuous activities almost everyday. Let’s take care of them with a one hour mani-pedi spa treatment, which comprises of the regular nail trimming and shaping followed by a scrub session. The scrub helps remove dead skin cells, followed with a pack prepared by Que Bella which is applied and cleaned out with body wash. For a luminous glowing skin, lotion is applied and massaged on the hands and feet for about fifteen minutes to relieve pain and help in relaxing the muscles.

Body Massage

Usually taking up to an hour or two, oil is applied all over the body, followed by a scrub.
The oil body massage (Tk 1500 onwards) is implemented using therapeutic oils and aromatic liquids which help the mind and body to de-stress.
The hot stone massage (Tk 2000) is conducted using warm stones and herbs which help relax chronic tension while relieving sore and aching muscles.
The pain removal massage (Tk 3000) is especially designed for joint disorders. The herbs are tied in muslin pouches, heated up and gently pressed against the skin in a synchronised rhythmic motion. As your body detoxifies, this strengthens the muscle tissues as well.

Hair Oil Massage
Tk 800-1400

All that stress is right there in your head. Hence, the one hour massage will alleviate stress, get rid of dandruff and prevent hair loss. Apart from applying oil, hair packs depending on the type of hair you have, are also used. Finally, a shampoo and conditioner make your head feel fresh.

Spa treatments
Chocolate, Aloe Vera and 24 carat gold facial for Tk 1500 to Tk 1800

They have medical benefits such as enhancing blood circulation and detoxifying the body. If you’re too busy and cannot spare an hour, opt for quick facials. Que Bella has recently introduced chocolate, aloe vera and their 24 carat gold facial, consisting of gold dust and other ingredients which will leave your skin with a healthy glow. Put it to test!