All Tied Up

Fatima Faheem scoops out debonair neckties that will add flavour to your attire

A man’s got to work with whatever he’s got while dressing up in the morning. While suits are typically gray, navy blue or black and the shirt a solid colour, it is the tie that adds a strong accent with its interesting pattern or contrasting colour.


The Half Windsor Knot

B A-01

The Half Windsor Knot is a fairly simpler version of the Windsor knot. It is a symmetrical and triangular tie knot that can be used with any dress shirt. It works best with somewhat wider neckties made from light to medium fabrics.

Step 1: Bring the wide end around and behind the narrow end.

Step 2: Bring the wide end up and pull it down through the loop. Cross the wide end around the front to the other side and get the wide end back up through the loop between the collar and the tie.

Step 3: Pull the wide end down through the knot in front. Tighten the knot and bring it to the centre with both hands and your Half Windsor Knot is all set!

The Eldredge Knot


B A-02

As opposed to the vast majority of tie knots, this is produced by using the smaller one as the active end, creating a tapered fishtail braid-like effect. It’s a very fancy knot that will leave a lasting impression on your boss and colleagues.

Step 1: Make a dimple on the wide end and fold the narrow end underneath it. Cross it back in front through the loop.

Step 2: Cross the narrow end behind the wide end and loop through the new opening created. Wrap the narrow end around the neck loop and then cross it to the other side through the new loop.

Step3: Pull the narrow end through the neck loop and cross it over the front. Next, pull it through the new loop and tuck the remaining end to your collar.
The tie is complete!

The Trinity Knot

B A-03

Much like the Eldredge knot, it is a relatively recent innovation. The pattern converges at a centre point, producing an eye-catching effect. It might seem a bit intimidating at first, but the steps are actually quite simple.

Step 1: Make a dimple on the wide side and then loop the narrow end around the top.

Step 2: Cross the narrow end twice, keeping it on the same side. This will create a heart shape. Loop the narrow end behind and over the top of the knot that was crossed over.

Step 3: This is the tricky part! Take the narrow end and pull it around behind the knot – don’t loop or cross it. Insert the end through the loop that got created. Pull it tight and the Trinity should now be formed!

If these styles seem too complicated, then stick to the traditional ones. However, make sure that it does not look off-putting. Follow the steps to ensure that you don’t make any of the common mistakes when it comes to knotting a tie.
Poorly tied: A poorly knotted tie is not even a style. A tie tied too short or too long, a flimsy looking knot that does not fill the gap between the collar, and a knot that shows any part of the narrow end of the tie looks unappealing.
Too short: Tie it up in such a manner so that it ends near the middle of your belt buckle. A tie that has been tied too short will throw off the entire look. There is no excuse for it! Even for tall men, most designers offer longer ties.
Wrinkled or stained: The necktie is usually the focal point of your ensemble. Thus a wrinkled or a stained necktie is immediately noticeable. Since ties cannot be washed or ironed (because on doing so, the inlay and the drape of the tie gets damaged), it is best to untie the tie once done with it. Also, hang your ties in a tie rack or over a hanger so that the fabric will straighten itself out overnight. Remember to rotate your ties and never wear the same tie two days in a row. Bring back the oomph in your outfit and let these sexy knots do the talking for you.