Photos: Syed Wasim Nirjon

Cut Crease Zest 
A sharp and angular crease with shimmery gold over the lids make for that intense, mysterious effect. Try this look with a sequins dress, heavily embellished sarees or long gowns. This dramatic look will make you stand out at any glam event. This is also Kim K’s go-to style.

Double Winged Liner 
False lashes, pale-shimmer eye shadow and a double winged liner bring out the retro chutzpah in your eyes. Play it up with light sartorial colours to keep it minimalistic yet eye catching. Double winged liners have been the celeb signature look with Lana Del Ray making sure the trend catches on.

Spotlight Oomph
As the name says it, this makeup is a dramatic grungy, smokey look, perfect under the lights. A little pale shade on the middle and smokey dark on the inner and outer corners create a unique and extravagant look. Wear this with biker bomber jackets and studded accessories for a boho look. It has been spotted on runway models lately.